Osteoporosis is the sneaky ,slow condition whereby bones become fragile and brittle.Most people are not aware that their bones are changing .The only time they will feel is when they break their bones.Even then ,there is a disconnect because when a person breaks a bone, there is an urgency to repair that bone as soon as possible to restore function.It is seldom that the person will be followed to investigate the internal cause of the break.This disconnect makes osteoporosis sneaky and challenging to treat and manage, which results in many people living in pain and diminished quality of life.

Type of osteoporosis

There are two types of osteoporosis-Primary osteoporosis which is age related boneless,then Secondary osteoporosis which is bone loss related to other health conditions/diseases and use of certain medications.The bone loss due to other disease is the most challenging one to manage because the focus when coming to treatment is usually on the main condition.In most cases the diseases are managed by one healthcare professional hence the lost opportunity to identify secondly health conditions in individuals.

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