Diabetes and Osteoporosis-A life changing duo.

picture courtesy Artem Podrez via Pexels.com

Diabetes is the health condition whereby the blood glucose is elevated for a prolong period.It can be due to malfunctioning of the pancreas whereby the pancreas is not able to secretes insulin or it can be due to other lifestyle factors such as obesity.When the person eats, food is broken down into glucose for energy and is transported to various parts of the body like the muscles, brain and liver.

There are scenario whereby the insulin will be secreted to transports glucose to the muscles (which is most abundant tissue in the body)but due to the muscles lacking some conditions, the insulin wont be able to deliver glucose as such, that glucose will be left homeless in the blood stream, causing elevated blood glucose-which is diabetes.

Diabetes is the metabolic disease, which means is the disease that affect how food is broken down to provide the body with energy.This in turn affects other parts of the body to function well ,which will lead into nutrients lost that are stored in the bones.Wait a minutes, how are the nutrients and bones related?

Our bones performs more than keeping us together.They stores extra nutrients that we receive from food as we grow up.During times of lack, the body will then demands the bones to release this nutrients to main stream to supply essential parts (not that other parts are not).The release of this nutrients over time will results in bones losing its quality (bone mineral density),which results in bones being fragile and easily broken a low impact(osteoporosis)

In case of people living with diabetes, this is happening at a faster rate as there is already a broken system.One more thing that acts an insults to the injury is the use of certain diabetes medication(double jeopardy).These scenario make people living with diabetes vulnerable against According to Diabetes UK ( www.diabetes.co.uk )People with diabetes mellitus, types 1 and 2, have an increased risk of osteoporosis, a condition which causes bones to weaken.Risk factors for osteoporosis include the duration of diabetes and how well controlled blood glucose levels are.

To make matters even worse ,in most cases the standard of care of diabetes does not always take secondary occurrence of osteoporosis ,even in cases whereby a person breaks a bones under a low impaction questions will be asks about presence of osteoporosis, as such the two disease will be treated in different houses, which means there is high chances of miscommunication and misalignments in care.According to www.diabetes.co.uk ,

Therefore if you are a person living with diabetes for a long time, it is worthwhile to check your bones and muscles quality to prevent falling which can results in breaking of bones.Breaking of bones together with diabetes can and will affect your day to day life as such diminish the quality of your life.Bone mineral density scan/test and body composition using x rays, can make a huge difference in the manner you care for yourself.