DXA-More than Bone density test!

DXA (dual energy x ray absorbmetry) is the gold standard tool for assessing bone density and body composition, and is widely used in both clinical and research environments globally but hugely underutilised with limited access to it in South Africa.

DXA is used clinically to diagnose osteoporosis (bone mass loss) and track a patient’s response to various pharmacological and behavioural interventions.

Impaired physical mobility comes from many things but the main one is the use of more than one medication. The more medications you take, the higher the risk of falling. Another cause of falls can be weak muscles due to disease or age (skin feels like silk). Muscle mass loss can also result in faulty movement that results in a fall. Falls can result in broken bones

Over twenty years as a radiographer, I have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of broken bones from falls. Whether it’s a minor slip, or a downright fall. Most people end up in a wheelchair. It doesn’t have to be this way. Falls are preventable and avoidable. With knowledge and the right plan, we can all work to slow down the loss of our bones and muscle mass (osteoporosis and sarcopenia).
Think about it – when you slip or trip, do you blame yourself? Often, it may not be our fault – over time, our joints can become stiff, leading to shuffling and an increase in our chances of falling. However, if we have strong bones and muscles, we can prevent falls and prevent serious injuries. InsureBone Vitality Health uses DXA bone density and body composition to promote public health and wellbeing.

By using DXA Bone Density and Body Composition, our team of experts can determine the strength and density of your bones and muscles, followed by a Fall Prevention assessment. The test will ensure that we give you the highest quality advice and treatment plan possible.

Fall-related injuries can happen to anyone, but with the right knowledge and plan, we can work together to ensure your health and wellbeing. Let’s make sure that your next fall is nothing more than a minor slip. With InsureSPR Health, DXA is more than just bone density 

Having a plan in place to help you prevent falls can be the difference between a minor slip and a major injury. With InsureSPR Health, DXA is about more than just bone density – it’s about your overall health and wellbeing.

image courtesy Pexels.com