Diabetes shouldn’t be your type because you are more than that.

By Nathaniel Mosiana

Diabetes should n’t be your type.How many fitness and health posts/advice do you come across in your daily life?”5 ways to lose weight”,”10 steps to get your dream body”,social media videos of creators showing you healthy recipes and home work out plans/exercises.

Many of our patients, envious of what they see online, want to live a healthier lifestyle or manage their chronic illness such as diabetes better, but how?With so many tips and life hacks out there, where do you start?

Its starts with understanding your body, your lifestyle and chronic disease and how these three elements should be aligned to obtain the most effective outcome.An individual’s health solution is not a one-size fits all approach to prevention.

What is preventive health?

Preventive health is improving, maintaining and stabilising your general health.It is cost effective in the long runabout most importantly, it serves to protect you from unwanted life threatening experiences such as broken bones from falling and impaired mobility that comes with chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc.Engaging in in preventive health activities can also help improve diabetes management

“We at InsureBone Vitality Health understand how challenging it is to manage a chronic illness”We at InsureBone Vitality Health understand how challenging it is to manage a chronic illness”

Motselisi-Healthcoach at InsureBone Vitality Health
Reclaim your health, rebuild your life, image courtesy pixels.com

InsureSPR Health Plans

InsureSPR Health plans help by lowering your risk of getting the 2 diabetes or helping you to manage type1 diabetes by providing providing preventive health solutions such as:

InsureStrong –Dxa Bone density-These is our road map towards health journey, whereby we screen for weak bones and muscles associated with diabetes

InsurePrevent-A exercise personalisation health plan to assess the posture so that we can restore balance and coordination through exercise.

InsureReclaim-Implementation of the exercise health plan to provide guidance with health coaching on your health journey

Our health solutions all starts with a consultation, which is followed up with Dxa bone density and body composition tests, which we lets us understand your body by providing us with insights that will helps us know which direction to take.

Besides improving ,maintaining or stabilising your health, these health solutions insure your future.We at InsureBone Vitality centre understand how challenging it is, to manage a chronic illness or maintain a healthy lifestyle consistently as such we set out to find a better way.

Preventive health is about taking care of the future while taking care of yourself now.Reclaim your health to live a life you can enjoy and share with your loved ones.