Physical Health=Physical Function


The ability to move freely, have fast reaction times, rising from the chair unaided, having wider range of motion in the joints, to perform daily life activities with ease..these are things we take for granted until they are gone.The foundation of your physical health is your bones and muscles and yet we often neglect them until it is too late

Healthy today, frail tomorrow.This can happen at speed of a light.It can be presence of chronic disease such as diabetes, that with time it will take toll on your body, weakening your muscles slow and gradual until it affects your bones.Or it be a accident whereby you find yourself laying in Hospital for days..If you did not have good reserve of bones and muscles mass, you will find yourself in a predicament.Moving from healthy to completely frail

The slow decline in bone mass results in fragile and easy to break bones.The effects can be loss of posture which also have its cascading effects on your respiratory system,because of the loss of lung capacity.

The slow decline in muscles mass results in poor muscles performance, often times this starts in lower limbs, where you can find yourself unable to walk as fast as you used.Then it is followed by loss of muscle strength and endurance, loss of balance and flexibility.Then you know you are not going anywhere fast as there is decline in mobility and overtime..the disability

The decline in bones and muscle mass results in increased injuries, poor posture, poor recovery from illness.All of this affects your physical performance, which means you wont be able to perform daily activities of life .Poor physical health steals your freedom and independence.

For health through life span, healthy bones and muscles plays a important role.From making of healthy blood cells to running a marathon.What have you done for your bones and muscles today?