InsureSPR-Bone Vitality Health-What Does SPR stands for?

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary,Insure means :to make certain especially by taking measures and precautions ,Let break it down: To make certain means to check or establish whether something is definitely the case.In our case InsureSPR Health is about checking or establishing the condition of your bones and muscles.Establishing whether are they still capable to function well or healthy enough to carry you through your life.In essence is about checking with the objective that if there is an issue with your bones or muscles, you will make a plan to correct or take precautions to rectify that issue.Insure signals an active role or participation or action oriented.It is not a passive ,let it slide thing.When you start the journey it is a clear indication that you want some change, you are willing to take action.So it is with our brand.InsureSPR is all about checking then taking action based on the results, then coming back to check again to see that whatever action you took, has resulted into a change.It is an ongoing, never ending process.

So what is S for In SPR

The S in SPR is for “STRONG” which we mean, not easily injured or disturbed -SOLID, which we mean that your bones and muscles are not easy to be injured like bones being easily broken, muscles that are easy to strain or injury that results in impaired mobility.Bones and muscles declines in quality and mass with age, overuse ,chronic diseases and even use of certain medication.InsureStrong is our flagship health plan whereby we start the checking of your bones and muscles to make certain that they are still healthy.If not, then our next health plan kicks in which is indicated by the letter P In the InsureSPR trilogy.

And then the P? what does it means

The P In the InsureSPR stand for prevention-Action of stop something from happening or arising,In our case, our clients once they have checked through InsureSTRONG, they will take action of stopping their bones or muscles health to decline further.We have developed a guided coaching approach that will assist our clients to achieve their goals of mobility through the life span by improving or taking care of their bones and muscles.A healthy step for life.The last letter in our trilogy SPR is R for Reclaim

What does the R stands for

The letter R stands for Reclaim which action taken to make your bones and muscles better than they were before.It is longer process, which need will be determined by the state they are in.InsureSPR is a complete guide to bring you from unknown to the known.It is journey of adventure and discovery as you find out what works and what can you do more of.A complete overhaul of your bones and muscles with us as your coach and a sounding board.

InsureSPR Health-BONE VITALITY Health is your partner to restore freedom and independence ,that you still have what it takes.You are living your life at your own terms.We inspire confidence.Take action today by booking your first Dxa InsureStrong health ,it is booking your ticket to you first vacation.We will give your your itinerary.