Is Calcium,A friend or A foe?

Calcium is one of the most important essential mineral for bone and overall health.It helps to build and maintain strong healthy bones.Most of the excess calcium is stored in the bones and teeth.Calcium is also important for muscle and nerve function.Calcium need vitamin D to be well absorbed and used meaningfully by the body.

The role of calcium in the body

Building bone density: As a key component of the bone tissue, calcium plays an important role from pregnancy to old age. During the pregnancy,the expectant mom, shares the calcium with the unborn baby.In the case whereby the mom do not have enough calcium, this sharing could leave the mom vulnerable and at risk of non traumatic fractures.Adequate calcium intake through out the lifespan is an insurance against future fractures and osteoporosis

Supports bone remodelling:Bone tissue is constantly being broken down and rebuilt to make a way for new and stronger tissue.The process is called REMODELLING.Calcium is needed and important for remodelling because it helps to regulate and balance between bone breakdown and bone formation.

It is essential to consume enough amounts of calcium throughout the lifespan to support bone health.The recommended daily intake of calcium varies depending on age and sex.The vulnerable people need about 1000-1200milligrams of calcium daily.It is important to get as much calcium from food before opting for supplements.It is essential to also take calcium with other supporting nutrients for bone and muscle health such as Vitamin D,Magnesium and vitamin K.

Excess Calcium can pose health hazards.If in doubt, consult your healthcare or your pharmacist for more information.Balance is the key, and getting your nutrients and minerals from foods most preferred way.