The dynamic link.”The Invincible Bond Between Your Mighty Bones and Resilient Kidneys”

Female hand holding model of human kidney organ at back of body

How does Chronic Kidney disease(CKD) affects your bones?

We often think and believe that our kidneys has nothing to do with our bones.Bones are stand alone to be strong and keep us moving while the kidneys are there to make sure that all the toxins are removed from the body.Right..yes this is the popular thinking and believe as such the bones and the kidneys are often treated in isolation of each other.

When you look at the kidneys, you will never believe that they have any connections with the bones and the well being thereof.Kidneys plays a bigger role in our bone health because of the following reasons

1)The kidneys regulates the amount of calcium within the body ,what this means is that when there high levels of calcium within the body, the kidneys will excrete the excess during urination.2)Kidneys assist with Vitamin D metabolism.Kidneys assist with activation of the vitamin D,which is essential for absorption calcium.3)Chronic Kidney disease (CKD) can affect the health of the bones because of the imbalances in minerals metabolism that comes as a result of the kidney disease.

The bottomline is that kidneys and bones have a strong fellowship as one cannot function well without another.As a result of this relationship, it is important for individual who have kidney health issues to work closely with their medical doctor ,to ensure the health of their bones while caring for their kidneys.It is challenging and painful enough to deal with one health condition, it can be devastating to deal with broken bones.The main reason is that broken bones can not be repaired is the chronic kidney disease is not stable.

Ensure good bone health by checking the strength and quality of your bones ,employe proper nutrition and engage in a safe physical activity that will support you.