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Sports performance

In sports ,special dedication to enhance human peak health and performance by deepening our understanding of the body—its composition, metabolism, nutrition, and genetics is essential part of planning and training activities.Professional athletes and sports clubs are employing tailored exercise and dietary plans to achieve peak sports performance.

DXA essential for improved sports performance.

Whether you’re a Sports Physician, fitness trainer, Physical Therapist, Sports Nutritionist, Dietician, individual athlete or Strength and Conditioning coach, your priority is maximizing athletic performance. We’re here to support your quest by delving into the role of body composition measurement in order to achieve peak performance and refine your fitness focus.

InsureSPR Health’s GE Healthcare’s Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) technology provides cutting-edge Body Composition solutions. With our tools, you can capture high-resolution images and precise measurements of total body and specific regions like arms, legs, android, and gynoid. This technology enables you to track changes in body composition over time, allowing you to assess the impact of training or dietary interventions on your athletes.

Furthermore, our advanced capabilities allow you to analyze lean and fat distribution. You can also gain insights into athletes’ metabolism, such as resting metabolic rate and relative skeletal muscle index(strength in legs and arms as indication of muscle mass quality). Our range of customizable reporting templates simplifies the interpretation of body composition and metabolic data for your athletes.

DXA technology stands out as a reliable and convenient method for body composition analysis compared to alternative techniques. At InsureSPR Health, we offer top-tier DXA technology to optimize your athletes’ performance and amplify the effectiveness of your training, nutrition, and health initiatives.

Speak to us to explore our comprehensive Body Composition solutions for your athletes and fitness clients . InsureSPR Health more than bone density ,we are for confident steps for life