About Us

InsureSPR (Bone Vitality) Health

We exist to InsureStrong bone and muscle mass,InsurePrevention of bones and muscle mass loss and InsureReclamation of lost bone and muscle mass for the confident steps for life.At the heart of it we endeavour to prevent deadly falls that leads to fractures that leads to poor health and quality of life.
For Medical facilities, we work with medical health professionals to ensure that they manage the health of their patients optimally with timeous and accurate latest information on osteoporosis.We are the hub for all things primary and secondary osteoporosis as well as management of metabolic health.

For Sports and Fitness facilities
We work together with sports medicines doctors ,fitness gurus, sports clubs, dieticians ,elite athletes and sportpeople and individuals to ensure healthy body composition-Loose fat and gain muscle mass and prevent sport related injuries.
Rethink health measurement: Traditional tools like BMI are population-based, not personalized. With DXA, a science-based approach, you get personal results and track progress over time for both medical and fitness journeys.

InsureStrong : Screen or diagnose any bone and muscle health issues using DXA technology.We check for bone and muscle mass and performance
InsurePrevent : This include InsureStrong screening and additional assessments to determine your individual needs ,so that we can prescribe corrective plans to improve your bone and muscle health.
InsureReclaim : Special plan for frail individuals(take frailty assessment here) to achieve long-term strength, boldness, and reclaimed health by focusing on nutrition for muscle growth and corrective exercise to restore mobility. Regain confidence in every step of your life.

InsureSPR Health uses DXA bone density and body composition to promote public health and wellbeing.With DXA Bone Density and Body Composition, our team of experts can determine the strength and density of your bones and muscles, followed by a Prevention or Reclamation assessment(depending on your needs).
With InsureSPR Health, DXA is more than just bone density .We provide you with blueprint for life.Do not outlive your health.Expand your health span with InsureSPR Health


Reclaim your fitness

Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your well-being through our DXA body composition analysis. We are committed to supporting you at every stage, ensuring your health goals become a reality.