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Insure-Strong-Prevent -Reclaim of your Health

Restore your balance , Flexibility and mobility

Many people are living with chronic disease like diabetes, HIV, chronic kidney disease, cancer etc, as such there is a high possibility to experience loss of balance, flexibility and mobility.Some of the medicines and the diseases themselves, cause bone and muscles mass loss(bones becomes thin). Making the bones weak and fragile and loss of muscles mass, the results is impaired balance, flexibility and mobility.Faulty movement result in falling and breaking of bones.There are myriad of challenges when someone living with chronic health condition breaks a bone, there is a delay in repairing the broken bones because the chronic health condition need to be stable to allow the successful repair and recovery after the operation.
With Dxa Bone density, people living with chronic health conditions can rest assured that ,their bones and muscles will carry them through their life
Healthy muscles and bones make a person to be more resilient and live stronger every day for life. Regain strength, independence, and quality of life.